Food and Beverage Retail Enhancement Program

Operating as an enhanced incentive to the Retail Enhancement Grant Program, the Food and Beverage Retail Enhancement Program (“FAB-REP”) is designed to incentivize the investment and concentrated location of food and beverage establishments in two target areas: The Elbow and the Hogan x Laura Districts. 

The FAB-REP creates two distinct districts that provide concentrated areas of dining, and entertainment opportunities that are visible from the street, open beyond workday hours, and utilize unique place making efforts such as creative lighting, interesting public art and inviting outdoor spaces. These activated streets will provide the urban lifestyle that many Downtown residents seek and also promote small businesses by cultivating vibrant retail districts that will attract visitors. Further, by encouraging the location of restaurant and beverage establishments within these specific districts, patrons and business owners alike will benefit from the variety of options and the unique, walkable, and visually connected areas.

The DIA will incentivize investment through five-year forgivable loans to eligible businesses, funding capital improvements up to 50% of the build-out costs. More than $3 million is set aside for FAB-REP and incentives will be scaled by type of business. Eligibility requirements for businesses include certain dedicated hours of operation, service type, size and locations with ground-level access and street-level visibility.

Program Documents