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The Community Redevelopment Area Plan for Downtown (“CRA Plan”), specifically the Northbank Downtown CRA and the Southside CRA, was updated in 2015 by Ordinance 2014-560-E. This Plan provides policy, programmatic and fiscal direction for the Community Redevelopment Agency as the DIA sets forth to realize a world-class Downtown urban landscape and waterfront. 

The Plan is specifically designed to:
  • Establish a Community Redevelopment Plan that provides mechanisms to realize a bold vision for the Northbank Downtown CRA and Southside CRA characterized by attractive housing alternatives, welcoming parks, walkable streets, enticing retail, enhanced cultural institutions, and accessible parking.
  • Offer consistency over time, regardless of governmental and business leadership changes.
  • Comply with the statutory requirements pursuant to Section 163.362, Florida Statutes.
  • Establish relevancy and appropriateness of past downtown plans and incorporate priority elements from each that are still relevant.
  • Define the strategic framework, conceptual themes, goals, and objectives for the future of the Northbank Downtown CRA and Southside CRA.
  • Include a Residential Use Element that identifies any shortages of affordable housing and replacement and/or relocation remedies, if indicated.
  • Include a Neighborhood Impact Assessment of traffic and transportation, environmental quality, facilities, and matters affecting the physical and social quality of the neighborhood.
  • Identify specific priority redevelopment capital improvement projects and other recommended redevelopment project elements to be completed.
  • Provide projected costs of the recommended improvement projects; amount to be expended and any anticipated indebtedness to be repaid with the tax increment finance revenues from the three respective Redevelopment Trust Funds.
  • Fold in relevant principles and guidelines from the Downtown Master Plan.
The CRA Plan superseded the Downtown Master Plan, which was in place prior to 2014. The CRA Plan satisfies the statutory requirements for community redevelopment plans pursuant to Ch. 163, Part III, Florida Statutes. Both the CRA Plan and the BID Strategy function as a master plan for downtown, holistically speaking. Both documents contain individual elements within the plans that illustrate the encompassing downtown master plan, such as the Conceptual Redevelopment Master Plan Map