Development Applications


Sign Permits are issued by the Building Inspection Division. Within Downtown, DIA staff and/or the Downtown Development Review Board (DDRB) will review signs for compliance with the Downtown signage regulations.

For information regarding signs in Downtown, please contact Jim Klement, Redevelopment Coordinator, at (904) 630-2689 or at


Pursuant to Chapter 250, Part 8 of the City Code, the City of Jacksonville established the permitting process for those operators using the Public Right of Way (sidewalk(s) fronting their establishment) for Downtown sidewalk cafés, restaurants or bars. This process required all downtown cafés, restaurants and bars that use the sidewalk outside their establishment to submit information and acquire a permit from the Downtown Investment Authority.



The Downtown Development Review Board (DDRB), is comprised of members appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by City Council, is a specific recommendation of the Downtown Master Plan and was codified by the passage of the Downtown Zoning Overlay by City Council on June 30, 2003. The Downtown Zoning Overlay was updated and approved by City Council on June 26, 2007. The DDRB shall review all public work projects, partnerships with the city that require funding and all projects that require permitting.

Applicants shall follow the complete prescribed application and approval procedure, which provide a two-step review of each project (conceptual and final approval). However, applicants may obtain conceptual and final approval concurrently for smaller projects or projects that do not require substantial alterations.

For information regarding DDRB applications, please contact Jim Klement, Redevelopment Coordinator, at (904) 630-2689 or at



Executive Summary

It is the intent of this ordinance to create a Downtown Overlay Zone to promote and encourage revitalization and growth in downtown by maximizing the use of all available resources, ensuring a high degree of compatibility between new and existing uses, promoting mixed-use developments, streamlining the review and approval process for projects, and ensuring quality development.  Note: The Downtown Zoning Overlay regulations are in addition to other land use and zoning regulations.  Please contact the Downtown Investment Authority on zoning and land use matters.

Downtown Zoning Overlay