Downtown Development Reports

In Summer 2014, the Downtown Investement Authority (DIA) Board of Directors adopted an updated Community Redevelopment Area Plan, as well as a Business Investment Strategy and Market Feasibility Study. Combined, the plans and study guide the development and redevelopment of Downtown, create incentive programs, and identify strategic public investment projects.


In 2017, the DIA contracted with POND to conceptualize pedestrian and bicyclist plans for Riverside Avenue, Forest Street and Park Street in the Brooklyn Neighborhood.  The following document is the result of this effort.

Brooklyn Neighborhood Road Diet Study

In 2017, the DIA contracted with Strategic Advisory Group to prepare a Convention Center Feasibility Analysis.  The following document is the result of this analysis.

Convention Center Feasibility Analysis (July 2017)

HR&A and SWA in conjunction with Haskell Company undertook a Riverfront Design and Riverfront Investment Strategy. Completed in Fall of 2018.


The LaVilla Development Strategy, funded by both the DIA and JTA, and undertaken by the firm of Rummell/Munz, was completed in Spring 2019.


DIA and the Office of Public Parking contracted with Tim Haas to undertake a Downtown parking study as well as an analysis of on-street parking conditions for several historic areas. These studies are below.


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