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The DIA believes that residential growth in Downtown is essential to our success. We are focused on reaching a goal of 10,000 residents within Downtown by 2024 and providing housing opportunities across the spectrum of affordability and unit size in the process. Although density within Downtown is strongly encouraged – primarily via apartment or condominium – there will be opportunities for townhomes, zero lot line units and single-family development in appropriate locations.

It is the responsibility of the DIA Board, DIA Staff, and Downtown developers and residential applicants to be mindful of the health of any such program for which funds are being sought. It is critical to note that in any given year any local, state, and federal program may be underfunded or discontinued.

If you would like more information about these incentives, please contact:
Steven T. Kelley, DBA
Director of Downtown Real Estate and Development
(904) 255-5304 | DIAPrograms@coj.net