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The DIA believes that residential growth in Downtown is essential to Downtown’s success. As such, the DIA is focused on increasing rental and owner-occupied housing Downtown, targeting diverse populations identified as seeking a more urban lifestyle. The DIA will actively pursue a minimum of 8,140 built and occupied multi-family dwelling units by 2030 and strive to induce construction of 425 multi-family dwelling units per year, on average. Although density within Downtown is strongly encouraged – primarily via apartment or condominium – there will be opportunities for townhomes, zero lot line units and single-family development in appropriate locations.

The following residential incentives provide the DIA and the City of Jacksonville the tools necessary to continue to attract high-quality development projects Downtown. It is critical to note that in any given year any local, state, and federal program may be underfunded or discontinued.

DIA Incentive Programs

State of Florida Incentive Programs

For more information about these incentives, please contact:

Steven T. Kelley, DBA
Director of Downtown Real Estate and Development
(904) 255-5304