Warning-Sign-(3).pngCORONAVIRUS/COVID-19 UPDATE | LAST UPDATED MARCH 25, 2020 AT 1:30 P.M.

In response to the COVID-19 threat and limited emergency declared by the City of Jacksonville on March 13, the Downtown Investment Authority office is currently CLOSED to visitors. Employees are continuing to work remotely to perform time-sensitive functions and periodically checking email and voicemail messages.

MEETINGS:  Meetings of the Downtown Investment Authority Board of Directors or any committee thereof, the Downtown Development Review Board, or in-person meetings with employees of the DIA that were scheduled to occur in March, have all been cancelled.  Please continue to check this website for future updates on the status of meetings presently calendared to occur after March 31. Telephone and video conferences with staff are options to address time-sensitive issues.

HAND-DELIVERY OF DOCUMENTS CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLEThe ability to hand-deliver permit applications, plans, Downtown Development Review Board application packets, general correspondence, packages or any other materials to the Downtown Investment Authority office is currently unavailable. Please send any of the foregoing via U.S. Mail or electronic mail instead, or contact Guy Parola

ACCOUNTING:  If you have questions about an invoice or payment, please email Jackie Mott and John Crescimbeni​.

PERMITS:  For permits requiring Downtown Investment Authority approval, DIA Staff is continuing to process permits daily as follows:

For permits that have received a permit number and are in the City’s BID System
Please email Guy Parola with the permit number. Within 24 hours, DIA staff will review and approve/not-approve/request additional review time. You will be provided an email confirmation of the outcome.

For permits that have not received a permit number and/or not in the City’s BID System
The ability to hand-deliver permit applications is currently unavailable. Please send them via U.S. Mail or electronic mail instead, or contact Guy Parola

CONTRACT COMPLIANCE:  If you have questions about an upcoming deadline in any contract, agreement or performance schedule you have with the DIA, please email John Crescimbeni and Steve Kelley.


  • Lori Boyer, Chief Executive Officer |  boyerl@coj.net | (904) 255-5301
  • John R. Crescimbeni, Contract and Regulatory Compliance Manager | jcrescimbeni@coj.net | (904) 255-5306
  • Karen Underwood-Eiland, Executive Assistant | karenu@coj.net | (904) 255-5302 
  • Steven T. Kelley, DBA, Director of Downtown Real Estate & Development | skelley@coj.net | (904) 255-5304
  • Lori Radcliffe-Meyers, Redevelopment Coordinator | Lrmeyers@coj.net | (904) 255-5307
  • Ina Mezini, Marketing and Communications Specialist | rmezini@coj.net | (904) 255-5693
  • Jackie Mott, Financial Analyst | jmott@coj.net | (904) 255-5674
  • Guy Parola, Operations Manager | gparola@coj.net | (904) 255-5305

117 West Duval Street #310
Jacksonville, Florida 32202


For up-to-date information regarding the coronavirus and its impact on Duval County, visit COVID-19 Updates & Recovery Resources.

Note: The City of Jacksonville and the Downtown Investment Authority are committed to making its website compliant with all state and federal laws, as well as accessible to as many people as possible. The City is currently developing a procedure to make all documents posted on the City’s website readable via screen reader. In the meantime, public records that are not currently accessible via screen reader will not be posted to the City’s website but remain available pursuant to a public records request. To submit a public records request online visit MyJax or call (904) 630-CITY and provide a description of the documents being requested. For documents requiring screen reader compatibility requests will be directed to the originator of the correspondence.