For areas outside the boundaries of the Core Retail Enhancement Areas, and for certain new construction within the boundaries of the Core Retail Enhancements Areas, the following Base Retail Enhancement Program grants shall be available:

  1. Basic Retail Program Grant Requirements: In addition to the requirements applicable to all retail enhancement programs, applicant projects will be subject to the following Program requirements:
    • Projects located in the Cathedral, Church, LaVilla and Brooklyn Districts within Downtown, outside the boundaries of the Northbank or Southbank Core Retail Enhancement Areas will be eligible.
    • New street-level spaces in ground-up construction that are either at least 5,000 sq ft or in corner locations wherever located within Downtown will be eligible.
    • Remodeling, renovation, rehabilitation, installation, and additions to the interior and exterior of the existing commercial building, as well as tenant improvement costs beyond vanilla shell for new corner or large footprint retail establishments are eligible for Grant funds.
    • Grant funds shall be used to modify and improve existing buildings or build out eligible space in new buildings beyond vanilla shell and shall not be used for normal maintenance or repair.
  2. Additional business uses eligible for Basic Program (outside Core Retail Enhancement Areas): Provided such businesses meet storefront transparency requirements and access directly from the street, and otherwise comply with the program parameters, creative office uses such as those identified below may participate outside the Core Retail Enhancement Areas.
    • Business incubators
    • Education/academia
    • Information technology offices
    • Co-work office spaces
  3. Basic Retail Program Grant Funding: The Grant offers a maximum grant award of $20 for every square foot leased or occupied by the proposed tenant or business as recommended by DIA staff, the REPD Committee, and approved by the DIA Board. The amount of incentive dollars awarded shall not exceed 50% of the total project construction costs. The application may be made by the property owner, the tenant or jointly by the property owner and the tenant.

The applicant’s verified expenditures for the improvements must match or exceed the amount of the Grant funding (a minimum of $1 to $1 ratio). The amount of the Grant shall not exceed the $20 for every eligible square foot leased or occupied by the proposed tenant or business.

Program Documents
Program Guidelines
Program Boundary Map
Program Application*

*Program application includes the DIA's Project Profile Assessment Form (PPA Form). Both the PPA form and the program application must be complete prior to submitting the information to the DIA. Thank you for your cooperation.

Steven T. Kelley, DBA
Director of Downtown Real Estate and Development