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DIA e-scooter program graphic shows graphic depiction of people riding e-scooters and includes program details such as hours of operation

The City of Jacksonville Dockless Mobility Program, better known as the “e-scooter” program, offers locals and visitors alike a fun, convenient way to explore Downtown Jacksonville. The e-scooter program is yet another step toward reclaiming options for pedestrians and bicyclist Downtown by providing healthy, viable and environmentally sustainable transportation alternatives, especially as a ”last mile” solution to quickly navigate the neighborhood.

Users can rent and ride e-scooters via smartphone applications from 5 a.m.  to midnight at designated, geofenced corrals.

Program Rules of Operation

  • Hours of operation: 5 a.m. - midnight
  • Top motor-powered speed of 10 mph when operating on a sidewalk
  • Top motor-powered speed of 15 mph when operating in the right-of-way
  • All riders are encouraged to wear a helmet when operating an electric scooter
  • Riders under 16 must wear a helmet when operating an electric scooter
Program Map
Note: Each vendor smartphone application includes a map identifying the program boundary and corral locations

Program Vendors

About Bird
Bird is an electric vehicle company dedicated to bringing affordable, environmentally friendly transportation solutions such as e-scooters and e-bikes to communities across the world. Founded in 2017 by transportation pioneer Travis VanderZanden, Bird is rapidly expanding. Today, Bird has facilitated over 175 million rides on Bird vehicles through its ride-sharing business and makes its products available for purchase at www.bird.co and via leading retailers and distribution partners. Bird partners closely with the cities in which it operates to provide a reliable and affordable transportation option for people who live and work there.

“Jacksonville has been a wonderful partner to us, and we’re eager to continue providing best-in-class service at an even larger scale. With Bird, Jacksonville will be able to expand access to the affordable, sustainable, safe transportation that riders overwhelmingly support, and we sincerely thank Mayor Curry and the Downtown Investment Authority for their thoughtful collaboration and partnership.”
- Chris Stockwell, Director, Government Partnerships at Bird

  • Bird Cost: $1 to unlock / 49 cents per minute
  • Bird Safety: Rider safety and vehicle safety is an obsession at Bird. Keep these tips in mind next time you ride.

About Lime
Lime's mission is to build a future where transportation is shared, affordable and carbon-free. As the world's largest provider of shared electric vehicles, Lime partners with cities to deploy electric bikes and scooters to serve any trip under five miles. One of Time magazine's 100 Most Influential Companies in 2021, Lime has powered more than 400 million rides in nearly 250 cities across five continents, spurring a new generation of clean alternatives to car ownership. Learn more at li.me.

“Lime is excited to partner with the City of Jacksonville to provide residents and visitors with a safe, affordable and sustainable way of getting around town. Our industry leading Gen4 e-scooters will be perfect for folks looking to connect to mass transportation options or complete the last leg of any journey. Shared e-scooters also provide an economic boost and help spur economic activity, supporting local businesses and city economies. We look forward to working with the City and our local partners to build on the success of Jacksonville’s micromobility program and take it to new heights together.”

- Trisha Botty, Senior Manager of Government Relations at Lime

  • Lime Cost: $1 to unlock / 49 cents per minute
  • Lime Safety: Safety comes first and always at Lime. It guides how Lime designs and upgrades its vehicles, develops rider education and training, and works with cities to improve how streets are built to prioritize people over cars.

Program Contact
Susan Kelly