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From time to time, in an effort to maximize the effectiveness and efficiency with which the DIA incentive programs work, the Authority may designate select geographic areas as Strategic Housing Areas or SHAs.

Policy Supporting the SHA Designation Process.

The ability to designate a limited area as an SHA, will allow the DIA to better manage and direct the development of housing within the two Downtown Community Redevelopment Areas (the Downtown Northbank CRA and the Southside CRA). The ability to direct and manage the development of housing in Downtown Jacksonville allows the DIA to best coordinate housing supply with the demand for housing in an area. The ability to designate an area as an SHA will also help the DIA foster housing development in areas where support from housing is essential for the continued improvement of the Downtown economic climate, such as retail focused on serving households (grocers, drug stores, restaurants, etc.).

Process for the Designation of an SHA

The DIA staff will determine the appropriate boundaries for the area to receive the designation. Staff will provide a street level and legal description for the area (along with a map depicting the area graphically). Staff will also prepare a memorandum to the Board detailing the reasoning behind each particular geographic designation of an SHA, and the expected benefits and costs to DIA of making the proposed SHA designation. The Board may approve, deny, or modify the proposed SHA.

Once the Board has approved the designation of a SHA, such an area may qualify for bonus or additional incentives when specified in applicable DIA incentive programs (such as the Down-payment Assistance Program, MF Rev Grant, and Rental Assistance Program, etc.).

The designation of a specific SHA shall continue until the need for additional housing incentives is no longer needed, and the DIA Staff requests or the DIA Board determines that an SHA area be cease to be designated.