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Downtown Master Plan
The Master Plan for Downtown Jacksonville is a comprehensive playbook and rulebook for attracting private development, enriching the cultural environment and modernizing the infrastructure to reinvigorate the heart of the Jacksonville metro. It is a closely aligned and carefully integrated set of plans – including specific guidance for public infrastructure, a regulatory framework for private development and incentives to encourage desired redevelopment, all based on eight distinct goals and measurable strategic objectives. See a summary of the plan here, and take a deeper dive into its elements by reading below.

About the BID Plan
The Business Investment and Development Plan (BID Plan) comprises the Community Redevelopment Area Plan (CRA Plan) and Business Investment and Development Strategy (BID Strategy). Together, the CRA Plan and the BID Strategy strategically prioritize, shape the design of, and implement public infrastructure improvements and support private sector, market-based revitalization initiatives.

Why Update the Plan?

  1. Directed by the Ordinance Code; update required every five (5) years
  2. Adjusts plan to new market conditions and responds to current economic and consumer demands
  3. Incorporates intervening plans and studies (i.e Emerald Trail)
  4. Responds to changes in development activity since 2014 (i.e. U2C, Four Seasons)
  5. Streamlines legislation and incentive processing time
Community Redevelopment Area Plan
The CRA Plan is required by state statue and explains why the DIA exists, what rules the DIA operates under, and what the DIA wants to accomplish. It establishes redevelopment goals – which form the basis for the BID Strategy and provide continuity between the two documents – and includes redevelopment projects that implement the goals such as incentives, programs, marketing, and CRA and City capital projects.

Business Investment & Development Strategy
The BID Strategy identifies what the DIA is authorized to spend Tax Increment Finance (TIF) dollars on, strategies on how to spend said dollars, and benchmarks, tasks, and other data points to measure performance. The document also includes criteria for all DIA incentive programs, criteria for analyzing and evaluating unique projects to determine if they could be eligible for incentives, and a Years Tables that guides general phasing and timing for implementing proposed projects, programs, or other initiatives. The Years Tables are not static and can be updated as needed in conjunction with assessment of development activity, the development market, and City CIP Plan.

Accessing the BID Plan
Please click on the links below to view and download the CRA Plan and BID Strategy (collectively, the BID Plan) and associated appendices.

Questions? Contact Ava Hill at avah@coj.net or 904-255-5302.