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Program Purpose

The intent of the Downtown Preservation and Revitalization Program (DPRP) is to foster the preservation and revitalization of unoccupied, underutilized and/or deteriorating historic buildings in Downtown Jacksonville, as well as qualified non-historic buildings. The program is designed to serve applications in excess of $100,000 for historic projects, and non-historic code compliance projects.

Development projects eligible for this program will be those deemed to promote the following downtown Community Redevelopment Area Goals:

Redevelopment Goal No. 1: Reinforce Downtown as the City’s unique epicenter for business, history, culture, education and entertainment. Program-specific emphasis will be placed on retail activity, food and beverage establishments, culture and entertainment, including the activation of open spaces.

Redevelopment Goal No. 2: Increase rental and owner-occupied housing Downtown, targeting key demographic groups seeking a more urban lifestyle. Building on the success of growth in multi-family housing across the Downtown corridor, providing additional housing units in historic buildings contributes to the unique residential atmosphere of our City and the opportunity to maximize Jacksonville’s historic attributes.

Performance measures of the City of Jacksonville’s Downtown Investment Authority (DIA).

Such developments are considered particularly impactful, meaning that their completion is expected to provide the highest level of interest and benefits for residents and visitors to the City, and the greatest impact on creating further demand for surrounding properties thereby stimulating additional investment in development and redevelopment activity.

Single-user, multi-tenant office space, or buildings without retail or public spaces, will be considered eligible under this program in limited circumstances based on unique contributions made to the City and its residents such as health care providers, financial services and regional or nationally known owners or principal tenants providing employment in Downtown Jacksonville. 

Program Documents

DPRP Program Guidelines

For more information about this program, please contact:

Steven T. Kelley, DBA
Director of Downtown Real Estate and Development
(904) 255-5304