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All development proposed within downtown shall be reviewed by the DDRB staff for consistency with Use Regulations, Form Regulations, Downtown Design Guidelines and Riverwalk Park Design Criteria (if applicable).

All developers are required to meet with DDRB staff and staff of such other City agencies or departments if deemed necessary by DDRB staff to discuss conceptual designs and other elements of a proposed project for feedback prior to the completion of a DDRB application.

After the pre-application meeting with staff to discuss the proposed project, the applicant may request DDRB staff to agenda the proposed project for Conceptual Approval at the next available DDRB meeting, subject to submittal of required items pursuant to subsection B of Sec.656.361.7.1 and completion of such other City reviews as warranted by staff. 

DDRB staff shall prepare a report to be presented to DDRB recommending approval, approval with condition or denial, which shall incorporate and take into account any comments submitted from any other reviewing City staff.

Downtown Overlay Zone and Downtown District Use and Form Regulations

In Spring 2019, the Jacksonville City Council adopted a new zoning code for the Downtown Overlay Zone to promote and encourage revitalization and growth in downtown.

Navigating Sec. 656.361.7.1 Application and Review Procedure to DDRB and Council

​DDRB Application

To be completed by applicant requesting conceptual or final approval by DDRB. For information on 2024 submission deadlines, please contact Susan Kelly at ksusan@coj.net or 904-255-5307 

Sign Permits

Sign permits are issued by the Building Inspection Division. Within Downtown, DIA staff and/or the DDRB will review signs for compliance with the Downtown signage regulations.

For more information on sign permits, please review the Downtown Sign Overlay Zone. 

Vendor Permits

If the nature of your business is a street/sidewalk/food truck vendor, a Downtown Sidewalk Vending Location Reservation is required. Please review the Downtown Sidewalk Vending Rules and Regulations and complete the Downtown Sidewalk Vending Location Reservation Application. DIA staff will review the application for thoroughness before you take it to the tax collector to get your local business tax (Duval County Tax Collectors Office, Downtown branch). Once the application package is approved by DIA staff, your reservation is confirmed for one year; annual renewal is required.

The City ordinance that outlines vendor permits is in Chapter 250 and can be found here.

DDRB Staff Contact

Susan Kelly
Redevelopment Coordinator
(904) 255-5307