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The Downtown Development Review Board (DDRB) came under the jurisdiction of the DIA in 2014. The primary function of the DDRB is to review all development and redevelopment projects in Downtown, in accordance with the Downtown Overlay Zoning Code and Design Guidelines. Essentially, the DDRB is the Planning Commission for the Downtown Overlay Zone.

The DDRB consists of 20 Members: nine voting Members and eleven ex officio Members, who are appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the City Council. The legislation requires a mix of various expertise on the Board.

Voting Members:

  • 2 Architects
  • 1 Landscape Architect
  • 1 Contractor, developer or realtor who does work within Downtown
  • 3 Downtown property owners, owners of businesses or full-time employees of a business or professional office in Downtown
  • 2 Urban Planners

Ex officio non-voting Members (The members listed below become a member of the DDRB immediately upon assuming their office or position listed and shall remain a member for as long as they continue to hold that office or position or until they designate another individual, in writing.): 

  • Building official 
  • Traffic engineer
  • DIA Chief Executive Officer
  • Director of Planning and Development Department
  • City Council President
  • Downtown Vision Inc. Chairman
  • Director of Jacksonville Transportation Authority 
  • Jacksonville Waterways Commission Chairman
  • Jacksonville Historic Preservation Commission Chairman
  • First Coast Transportation Planning Organization Chairman
  • Duval County School Board Chairman

Powers and Duties of DDRB:

DIA shall have the responsibility and authority to approve any amendments to the Downtown Design Guidelines, recommend changes to the Downtown District Regulations, interpret the BID Plan, approve development and redevelopment projects within the Downtown Overlay Zone, and succeed to all of the powers of the former Downtown Development Authority.

In order to assist the DIA in carrying out this responsibility, the DDRB shall have the following powers and duties:

  • Review and make decisions with respect to all applications for development and redevelopment regarding use and form within the Downtown Overlay Zone by:
    • Ensuring consistency and compatibility with the BID Plan and Consolidated Downtown DRI Development Order and provide mitigation as may be required by the latter; and
    • Considering the design related issues of each application to ensure compliance with the Downtown District Regulations, the Downtown Design Guidelines, the Riverwalk Park Design Criteria, Downtown Streetscape Design Guidelines, and all related approved design guidelines and standards.
  • To periodically review and make recommendations to the DIA regarding the Downtown District Regulations, the Downtown Design Guidelines, the Downtown Streetscape Design Guidelines, and the Riverwalk Park Design Criteria and related development standards and guidelines, including proposed amendments or revisions.
  • To review and make decisions regarding requests for zoning exceptions, zoning variances, and other zoning requests pertaining to properties located within the Downtown Overlay Zone, that would otherwise be heard by the Jacksonville Planning Commission.
  • To hear appeals from decisions of the DDRB staff
  • To approve requests for Deviations from the Design Guidelines and the District Regulations, other than the Waterfront Design and Riverviews: setbacks, height, and access corridors and Creek Views and Creekfront Design, and Grid Pattern. With respect to Deviation requests from these subsections, the DDRB shall hear and make an advisory recommendation to City Council regarding such Deviation requests.

DDRB Bylaws

The DDRB's bylaws can be found here. To obtain a signed copy of the DDRB bylaws, please contact the DIA. 

DDRB Staff Contact
Susan Kelly
Redevelopment Coordinator
(904) 255-5307